Wounded Vetz Run 2014

Yesterday, Marsha and I spent the afternoon and evening at the Italian Civic Club in Meadville, PA.   This was their 3rd annual run and the scope of the time and effort put into it had to be huge.   While Jimmy Severo is a combat veteran, most of the others who helped organize the event are caring citizens.

We are convinced that citizens are a missing link in helping to reintegrate warriors back into civilian live.   At no time in history has there been such a disconnect between citizens and those who fight wars.   It inconceivable to think that our ancestors would not tend to the needs of those who fought their battles.   We citizens have a role in the healing process and cannot permit ourselves to be removed from the reintegration process.   Spending time with veterans is rewarding and working to create opportunities for them outside of an agency environment need not be tedious and work-like.  Those who attended last night’s event, had a wonderful time.

We had the tough job of selling Steeler vs Houston raffle tickets.



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