War Fighters Hut & Sauna

The Hillman Group is a company in Cincinnati, Ohio.  They make a product called Wackeys, which come in many designs.  I saw the Eagle keys at Home Depot, and contacted The Hillman Group see if they would make a donation to Lilac Springs, and they did; 100 keys!

We hope to create a War Fighter Hut/Sauna, and only those who have been in combat will have keys to it; thus, they can go there and be alone any time they want.

The Hillman Group of Cincinnati is on Facebook, and it would be nice if you liked their page.

Anyone wanting to spearhead the Hut/Sauna, please contact us.  It will be built by expanding the current Spring House that sits over a pool of water and spring that flows at a rate of 70 gal. per minute.


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