Lucinda’s legend began when tracks were discovered our front yard in Meadville, Pennsylvania.  My husband, Tony, a psychologist looked out our second floor bedroom window and noticed long loping strides in the front yard.  He thought it strange that someone had walked so close to the house, and showed them to me, but I did not think too much of them.

He went down to examine the steps more closely he was amazed by the length of each stride, and excitedly ran back into the house and grabbed a carpenter’s rule and a camera to make a record of what he saw.  At that time, our neighbor, a medical doctor and his daughter, a social worker, came out of their house and Tony called them over.  Ray is 6’7” and has a long stride, but try as he might he had to stretch out two steps for each one of the imprints.

Ray and Tony followed the tracks and saw that they entered the property on the lower end, walked through a row of forsythia bushes, through a row of pine trees, through the front yard, up a bank, through more pines and off into a field.  The maker of the tracks then turned around and hopped with both feet back down through the field and exited through a row of pines on to Dutch Hill Road.

It is important to note that there is an uphill slope through the yard and field, and the steps were placed distinctly in the snow with no slippage or dug in heels.  The strides continued for approximately 300 feet.  Had the foot prints been facing the other direction, then it is conceivable that a person might have ran/loped down grade, but “slippage” would have been expected.

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