We have chosen the name Lentando, because in music the word means to become slower. In a movie, a play or in life, the slowing of musical tempo is usually accompanied by a slowing of action.

At the entrance to the Lentando is a gong of mindfulness.  Feel free to strike it whenever you please, its sound is a reminder to pause and observe what is happening around you and to interrupt your thought processes. The Lentando is a quiet place and people often comment on the quietness.

We have chosen a theme related to “ancient” people and practices.  Ancient is not to be confused with primitive, because certain of their methods and practices for dealing with problems were effective and many of them have been found to be grounded in science. Within the Lentando there are items representative of different cultures and practices that hopefully serve as reminders that we are part of a total existence; you’ll have to wait to find out why there are chimps, gorillas and monkeys lurking about.

As you enter the Lentando, be aware that it has been a place of great emotion, great sharing, great change and great growth.  Out of respect, many people pause, place their hands together and gently bow. This is merely a sign of respect to each other regarding our shared humanity and to the dignity that dwells within us all.  If you feel comfortable you can bow, if not that is okay, too.