A Labyrinth or a Maze?  These two words are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are not synonymous. A maze has many branches or paths and its purpose is to confuse…a puzzle to be solved.  A labyrinth has no branches and can be as simple as a spiral.  Its purpose is often meant to engender thought and introspection.

This Labyrinth is approximately 150 yards long and at the center is a cairn consisting of 303 stones.  Each stone represents an individual from Pennsylvania who has been killed while serving in the Global War On Terror.

Each yard walked is approximately two steps; thus each step represents the life of an individual who had hopes and dreams.

Walk slowly and quietly through the maze…imagine the twists and turns that occurred in that individual’s life and in yours.

After pausing in the center, begin your journey into the future and imagine the life you want to create.