Geckos are cool

We happen to think that the Leopard Gecko is a pretty cool looking and we like its style. If something gets this lizard by the tail, it just breaks away! When you look at the picture you can see that this lizard has lost its tail, at least one time, because when the new tail does not match its “birth” pattern; however, the little smile on this lizard’s face suggests that it does not really seem to care…getting your tail yanked off is part of life. A breakaway tail is a survival mechanism and most people think breakaway tails are pretty cool.

Humans have breakaway systems related to survival, and an important one is withdrawal; however, we should only withdraw long enough to grow a new tail, or to at least let one begin to sprout. If you stay in a surviving mode too long, you are going to get all those goofy thoughts about how different your new tail looks, how people are going to notice that your patterns have changed, and you won’t be swinging it all about getting it strong and flexible; instead it will be a limp and weighty drag on you. When surviving goes on for too long, it interferes with thriving, and thriving is good for all living things.
We all know that every so often, throughout life, you’re are going to get you’re going to get your tail yanked off, and every now and then you have to “hole up” and let a new one grow or at least begin to sprout.
Here is an opportunity for you to intentionally breakaway a problematic tail, or breakaway from things that are eating at your……..tail.
So, get your tail out to Lilac Springs and sashay about displaying your latest pattern.

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