A place to take a Breakaway.

It’s difficult for Marsha and me to write testimonials from combat veterans, because we do not ever want to use their voices to promote Lilac Springs. However, we have so many individuals who are supportive of, and interested in, what we do, and we want to share what sometimes happens as a result of Breakaway at Lilac Springs.

Lilac Springs is a place and a concept that represents citizens giving back. Your effort/support has made things like this happen:

“I don’t know what my life has planned for me, but I want to include Lilac Springs. You two have made an impact in my life, and are one of the reasons I want to give back. In my life I have learned that when someone strikes you in such a positive manner it is often for a good reason, and should be given great consideration. Well, I have considered it, and I wanna help. You have inspired me to go back to school (Mercyhurst). So this fall I should be beginning a new chapter in my life, a chapter that will hopefully allow me to help save/change some lives.

Ideally, I would like to use art/music therapy to help troubled youth and of course vets. From the looks of world affairs, we are going to need places like Lilac Springs for awhile to come. So the plan for now is to be down a few times just or help out around the place.”